Couple Exhibit Life Sized Aluminium Structures at Aluminium Fair

Husband and wife couple, Bernd and Heike Rose Schmidt-Pfeil, make life-sized cast aluminium sculptures using heat to artistically modify hollow wax sculptures to display emotions and attitudes. Their art reflects the human condition of the technological age.

Initially the wax figure is burned in the oven for three weeks after which the wax is burnt away and replaced with a liquid aluminium. The figure is then cooled for approximately three days before it is ready for display. An alloy with a very high silicone content is used for the aluminium casting. Their process for casting clothed figures in aluminium allows them to maintain every detailed feature of the structure and is a process development done by Bernd.

“Our development as aluminium artists is closely linked to the latest developments in aluminium casting”, they explain. “We use aluminium in our work to convey social phenomena and impressions using the visual arts”.

The coupled recently exhibited their work at the Aluminium Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany.

For more information on the aluminium sculptures, visit the couples’ website.