New Product for the Bayer Process Wins Green Award

The 2012 Greener Reaction Conditions award was awarded to Cytec Industries for their MAX HT Bayer Sodalite Scale Inhibiter.

During the ‘Bayer Process’ (process where bauxite is converted to alumina) a mineral scale is deposited on the heat exchangers and pipes which leads to an increase in energy use. Removing the mineral requires stopping production and the application of a sulphuric acid. Cytec developed its MAX HT Bayer Sodalite Scale Inhibiter products for the bayer process. The technology provides benefits by reducing or eliminating the scale formation in heat exchangers resulting in higher heat transfer rates while reducing energy consumption and waste generation.

“The realized energy saving for the combined customers currently utilizing our MAX HT technology is approximately 47 trillion BTU (British thermal unit), which is the equivalent of up to 8 billion pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) not released to the atmosphere,” said Martin Court, Cytec’s Vice President, In Process Separation business.

The Greener Reaction Conditions Award is one of five award categories in the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute and other members of the chemical community.

For further information on the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge, visit the EPA website.

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