RVA - A Low Cost, Alternative and Sustainable Source of Alumina

RVA’s VALOXY®. is an alumina-rich product that may be used in certain applications as an alternative to alumina and bauxite. Valoxy is produced by recycling salt slags arising from aluminium refining operations.

Valoxy, which has been classified by the French authorities as non hazardous, is an alternative to alumina and bauxite in non-Bayer applications such as cements, binders, bricks, aluminates and refractories. With a nominal alumina content of around 70%, Valoxy could wholly or partially replace bauxite in applications including:

• Cement clinker
• Refractories and ceramics
• Chamottes
• Mineral wool
• Stainless steel slag conditioning

Valoxy offers reliable supply at a consistent price.

In addition, potential technical benefits of using Valoxy include:

• Improved sintering and early setting of cement
• Increased hardness and reduced chromium leaching from stainless steel slag
• Improved fluxing in mineral wool production
• Extended firing range and stable microstructure for fired products

RVA, which is the only slag treatment plant in France, treats around 80 000 tonnes of salt slag per annum.

For further information, visit the RVA website or email Mr Howard Epstein.