Auto Show Highlights Increased use of Aluminium in Vehicles

The North American Auto Show has highlighted a shift from steel to aluminium vehicles in the automobile industry.

Many of the 2013 vehicles being displayed are illustrating the new and innovative ways aluminium alloys are being used over traditional steel alloys. Included in the showing is the Automobile Magazine 2013 Car of the Year, the Tesla Model S.

The increase in aluminium highlights the findings from the latest survey of automakers from Duckers Worldwide that automakers are moving away from steel to aluminium in order to meet consumer and fuel economy needs.

"Aluminum makes these vehicles lighter, stronger, durable and more fuel efficient, while delivering the highest safety and driving performance standards – all the qualities consumers are looking for in a car or truck said Randall Scheps , chairman of The Aluminum Association's Transportation Group (ATG) and marketing director for Alcoa, Inc. in a press release.“Further, reducing weight with aluminum allows automakers to cost-effectively make vehicles that go farther on a gallon of gas, helping them meet new fuel economy standards.”

The North American International Auto Show, which started in Detroit, runs from 14 – 27 January.

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