South East Asian Industrial Minerals Conference

Jun 13 2013
Jun 14 2013

Following the success of the previous two years, Industrial Minerals Events will host the 3rd South East Asian Industrial Minerals Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia in June 2013.

The South East Asian region has been of interest to many industrial minerals producers, investors and customers for quite some time. However, with recent global changes and the introduction of new mining and export laws from key countries, the region is now more strategically critical than ever before.

Key topics for discussion:

Indonesia’s regulations - how do they fit into the government’s plans for growth?

How can the new export bans present a golden opportunity for mineral processing firms looking to invest in the region?

TiO2 and Zircon processing and replacement

Why it might be in China’s best interest to invest in bauxite beneficiation in Indonesia

The Markets in Myanmar - why are international companies taking such an interest?

Can South East Asian sources offer a long term solution for rare earth supply security for large consumers like Japan?

Gaining a better understanding of Sri Lankan Vein Graphite and its applications

Will Vietnam become a new hotspot for chromite?

What do the finance markets say about minerals in South East Asia?

Could the Malaysian Palm Oil industry give a massive boost to potash consumption?

For further information or to register, visit the Metal Bulletin website.