Future Aluminium Forum Industry 4.0, Milan, Italy

May 08 2018
May 09 2018

The Future Aluminium Forum will look at how innovative technology can be brought together with the sole intention of revolutionising the way Aluminium is made. The conference takes place at the Hotel Michelangelo, Milan, Italy on the 8 & 9 May 2018.

The Forum will provide a platform for a discussion on how and where Industry 4.0 will be applied across the aluminium value chain and the impacts.

Speakers from academia, across the aluminium value chain and the technology providers will explain key concepts behind the digitalisation of aluminium manufacturing; as well as covering the importance of cyber security, the role of human beings in the factory of the future, autonomous equipment and the all-important process safety and control.

To find out more about this event, please visit: Industry 4.0

The event brochure can be downloaded below.

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