International Conference on Lamina Metal Composite Materials, Shanghai, China

Nov 01 2018
Nov 02 2018

On the basis of the successful hosting of four national and international seminars on aluminum matrix and laminated metal composites, Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Society and Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Trade Association in conjunction with Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Beijing Institute of Mechanical Engineering will jointly organise the 2018 International Conference on Laminated Metal Composite Materials and the Fifth Seminar on China’s Technology and Applications of Aluminium Matrix Composites, which takes place on the 1 & 2 November in Shanghai, China.

Discussion at the forum will focus on: 

New trends in research and development of new metal matrix composites

Research on New Process of Lamina Metal Composite Materials

Research and Development of New Energy Vehicles and Key Composites of Lightweight

Study on New Manufacturing Technology of High strength bearing Composites

New Progress in Composite Materials for High-Strength, Corrosion-Resistant Heat Exchangers

Research on New materials and applications of Lamina Metal Composite

Research on New Technology and Process of Lamina Metal Composites

Study on Performance Evaluation System of Lamina Metal Composites

Requirements and Development Strategy Research of Heat Transfer Materials 

Other hot topics of concern to the industry

To find out more, please email: Huihong PENG 彭惠红