International Aluminium Fabrication Industry Development Forum

Aug 29 2012
Aug 31 2012

 In 2012, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People's Republic of China issued the 12th Five-Year Plan for Development of Non-ferrous Metal Industry, the 12th Five-year Plan for Development of the Aluminum Industry and the 12th Five-Year Plan for Development of New Material Industry one after another, with a clear focus on strengthening the independent R&D capacity of enterprises and vigorous development of deep and intensively processed aluminum products. The guideline and various policies and measures of the central government on transformation of economic development mode help narrow the gap between the aluminum industry in China and that in developed countries and accelerate the transition of China from a huge aluminum processing country to a strong one. Aluminum manufacturers are now in pursuit of diversification of end-use applications, streamlined processes, optimum equipment integration and precise control technology.

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