50 Ways Aluminium Shapes Our World

To commemorate 50 years of the Aluminium Federation (ALFED), every week during 2012, they are showing inspiring uses, applications and characteristics of aluminium and how the lightweight material shapes our world today.

These uses vary from aluminium bottles, aluminium luggage and the use of aluminium in aeroplanes to the thermal aluminium blankets used in trauma, accidents and cold conditions.

Aluminium Keeps the Heat In

The thermal blanket used in trauma, accidents and cold conditions, or that we see given to marathon runners immediately after they finish running, is a polyester metallised with aluminium laminate. It is metallised with aluminium to take advantage of the aluminium's good reflective properties.

Prefabs Still Standing

In 1948, a row of aluminium prefabs was erected for temporary housing. Building materials were scarce but aluminium from scrapped planes was available, and could be quickly formed into easy to erect modular housing.

Scaling the Heights

Climbers use many different aluminium tools and pieces of equipment, exploiting the materials lightweight and high strength properties. A common item in the climbers pack is the carabiner.

For view the full list of uses please visit the ALFED website.