James Timberlake and Mark White, Keynote Speakers at London Conference

The Prototype Architecture Conference, held in London from 21-23 February, will feature James Timberlake and Mark White as key note speakers.

James Timberlake, co-founder of KieranTimberlake, is involved in the design of the new United States Embassy in London. The firm has received over one hundred design citations including the 2008 Architecture Film Award, the highest honor bestowed on a firm.

In addition to his architectural practice, he teaches a graduate design research studio at the University of Pennsylvania.

Mark White, Chief Technical Specialist for body structures at Jaguar, has been involved in the design of the new aluminium constructed XJ. He and his team at Jaguar, have learned a lot about aluminium construction since the debut of the XJ’s predecessor in 2003 and 2006.

For further information on the conference or to view the full program, please visit the the events page or the  Building Centre website

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