Aluminium Summit

Jun 20 2013
Jun 21 2013

AMM’s Aluminum Summit will be held in New York this year. A panel of world experts have been assembled from the length of the value chain, and will be examining market fundamentals, supply and demand forecasts, supply chain management, and the much discussed developments in end-use, to uncover the best strategies for the year ahead.

Key conference topics:

• Economic and pricing outlook: learn about the economic health of the industry, understand LME and premium pricing and how it relates to your business.

• Production challenges and developments: how to squeeze the best out of primary production, consider where the changing upstream priorities are going, what challenges downstream producers face, and hear about the latest technological innovations in smelter automation and energy reduction

• Tackling the pressures in secondary aluminum: look at whether the outlook is getting better on the secondary side and how can developments in scrap processing and collection help you to get best out of the metal

• The global reach of the aluminum industry: analyze whether China’s thirst for aluminum will prove to be an opportunity for the US or not and look at what developments are happening in other regions of the world

• End user outlook and discussion forums: hear about the worries and priorities on both the buy and sell side of aluminum products within the automotive, aerospace, packaging and construction sectors

For more information or to register, please visit the Metal Bulletin Website