Airbus Launch First "Stealth" Building Using Aluminium

Airbus, with the support of EADS Innovation Works, has opened the first "stealthy building" at the Toulouse Airbus site attached to Blagnac Airport in France.

Large  façades of buildings are problematic for aircraft landing systems as they reflect incoming waves across runways which would cause aircraft to deviate from the runway centreline. As a result, construction is forbidden close to runways unless it can be demonstrated that the building is ‘stealthy’.

EADS and Airbus have built the C65 hangar by equipping the building with specially shaped aluminium panels. These aluminium panels prevent the building from disrupting the airport’s Instrument Landing System (ILS) which allows aircraft to land in reduced visibility conditions.

EADS Chief Technical Officer Jean Botti said, “The successful completion of this Airbus facility requirement is an example of our commitment to the development of unique technical solutions for our customers and the aerospace industry.”

For further information please visit the Airbus ProSky website.