IAI Publishes Life Cycle Report

The 2010 Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) report for the worldwide primary aluminium industry is now available for download. 

The report has been critically reviewed by Prof. Walter Klöpffer (The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment) and Dr. Rolf Frischknecht (Treeze Ltd) who state: “The life cycle inventory data of global primary aluminium production in 2010 are consistent, transparent, and of high quality. It provides the LCA practitioner with reliable life cycle inventory data of global primary aluminium”. The full review is available as an appendix to the report.

The datasets, which can also be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format here, are verified as suitable for LCA studies compliant with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 (ISO 2006a & b) and for implementation in LCI databases which are in line with the UNEP SETAC Global Guidance Principles for Life Cycle Assessment Databases (Sonnemann & Vigon 2011).

The IAI conducts life cycle surveys on a five yearly basis and complements this with annually collected energy and emissions data. Annual statistics can be found at, and further life cycle publications at