Associations Draft Guidelines to Harmonize LCA Methodologies for Metals

Ten association commodities have drafted a document of guidelines to harmonize the LCI (Life Cycle Inventory) & LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodologies used in the metals and minerals industry. Various methodologies are currently being used and, with the increased demand for market and regulatory life cycle data, there is a need for a consistent approach to be applied across the industry.

By reviewing existing methods used by the associations along with the relevant challenges being faced, topics for a harmonized approach were identified. These include:

• Treatment of co-products
• Scoping – system boundaries
• End-of-life recycling
• Life-cycle impact assessment (LCIA)

The document provides metals and mineral groups, life cycle database providers, and LCA practitioners the guidance necessary to take a consistent approach to metal LCA studies which will ensure consistent messaging within the industry. This is an ongoing collaboration and the document will be updated as the project progresses.

For further information or to download the document along with the accompanying FAQ, please visit the IMOA website.