Date of Issue: 26 May 2021

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Total for : thousand metric tonnes of alumina  
Africa & Asia (ex China) -
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Africa & Asia (ex China)

China (Estimated)

North America

South America

West Europe

East & Central Europe


ROW Estimated Unreported



Total alumina production is the quantity of aluminium oxide trihydrate produced in a defined period and expressed as 100%, nominal aluminium oxide (Al2O3) equivalent, irrespective of further processing. Total alumina production figures have two components, that to be used for the production of aluminium (metallurgical grade alumina) and that to be used for any other purpose (chemical grade alumina).

Source of Data

The data included in this IAI Statistical Report have been derived exclusively from voluntary reports of IAI Member and non-Member companies. Sources outside the industry or estimates are used for "Estimated Unreported" and "China" regions only.

Data Aggregation

The IAI Statistical System is designed to meet the requirement that, in general, individual company data be included only within appropriately aggregated totals by declared geographical areas and not be reported separately. The declared geographical areas and the alumina producing countries which fall in those areas are as follows:

  • Africa & Asia (ex China): Azerbaijan* (1/1974-12/1996), Azerbaijan (1/1997-12/1999), Azerbaijan* (1/2000-Present), Guinea, India, Indonesia*, Iran* (1/2002-Present), Japan* (1/2014-Present), Kazakhstan* (1/1974-12/1996), Kazakhstan (1/1997-Present), Saudi Arabia (1/2019-Present), Turkey* (1/1974-12/1975), Turkey (1/1976-Present), United Arab Emirates (1/2020-Present), Vietnam*
  • China: China (01/2003-present),
  • North America: Canada, United States of America, US Virgin Islands (1/1974-12/1988), US Virgin Islands* (1/1989-9/1995)
  • South America: Brazil, Guyana (1/1974-12/1997), Jamaica, Suriname* (1/2014-Present), US Virgin Islands (10/1995-6/2001), Venezuela (4/1983-12/2013), Venezuela* (1/2014-Present)
  • West Europe: France, Germany, Greece, Ireland (7/1983-Present), Italy, Spain (10/1980-Present), United Kingdom (1/1974-12/2002)
  • East & Central Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina* (1/1976-Present), German Democratic Republic* (1/1974-6/1990), Hungary* (1/1974-6/1991), Hungary (7/1991-12/2011), Hungary* (1/2012-Present), Montenegro (6/2006-Present), Romania*, Russian Federation* (1/1974-9/1994), Russian Federation (10/1994-Present), Serbia and Montenegro* (1/1974-12/1996), Serbia and Montenegro (1/1997-5/2006), Slovakia* (1/1974-12/1997), Slovenia* (1/1974-9/1990), Ukraine* (1/1974-12/1995), Ukraine (1/1996-Present)
  • Oceania: Australia

An asterisk indicates that alumina production data were not reported to the IAI by the company or companies producing alumina solely within that country; these constitute "Estimated Unreported", where data is available. Dates given against a country indicate that data were reported or not reported, as appropriate, for the limited period shown.

Data Integrity

The IAI considers the figures shown to be reliable, but they may be subject to revision.