Date of Issue: 28 Jul 2021

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Accurate and consistent statistical performance data on lead indicators are collected annually from Safety Correspondents at all participating companies. The results make it possible to compare safety performance and hence provide motivation towards continuous improvement and assist in the quest to eliminate all accidents from the workplace.

  • Lost Time Accident is an accident which results in the injured person being absent for one or more workdays beyond the day of the accident.
  • Restricted Work Case is an accident which results in the injured person being assigned to another job, usually of a less demanding physical nature, until recovery allows return to normal activity.
  • Medical Treatment is an injury which requires treatment by a doctor or nurse. These injuries are more serious than those requiring simple first-aid treatment.

    Source of Data

    The data included in this IAI Statistical Report have been derived from voluntary reports of IAI Member and non-Member companies.

    Data Aggregation

    The IAI Statistical System is designed to meet the requirement that, in general, individual company data be included only within appropriately aggregated totals and not be reported separately. Work Accident data is aggregated along the industrial production chain: Bauxite Mines, Alumina Refineries and Aluminium Smelters.

    Data Integrity

    The IAI considers the figures shown to be reliable, but they may be subject to revision.